IPL 2021: KKR vs SRH Match Highlights and Scorecard , Today Match News

KKR vs SRH Scorecard IPL 2021

Nitish Rana80(56)94142.86
c Vijay Shankar b Nabi
Shubman Gill15(13)11115.38
b Rashid Khan
c W Saha b T Natarajan
c Manish Pandey b Rashid Khan
c Abdul Samad b Nabi
not out
c Abdul Samad b Bhuvneshwar

Extras 7

(nb 0, b 0, penalty 0, w 7, lb 0)

Total 187

(20 ovrs, 6 Wkts)  RR 9.35Bowling

Sandeep Sharma30350
T Natarajan40371
Rashid Khan40242
Vijay Shankar10140

SRH vs KKR Scorecard IPL 2021

Wriddhiman Saha7(6)01116.67
b Shakib
David Warner3(4)0075
c Karthik b Prasidh
Manish Pandey61(44)23138.64
not out
Jonny Bairstow55(40)53137.5
c Nitish Rana b Cummins
Mohammad Nabi14(11)20127.27
c Morgan b Prasidh
Vijay Shankar11(7)01157.14
c Morgan b Russell
Abdul Samad19(8)02237.5
not out

Extras 7

(nb 0, b 1, penalty 0, w 5, lb 1)

Total 177

(20 ovrs, 5 Wkts)  RR 8.85Bowling

Harbhajan Singh1080
Prasidh Krishna40352
Shakib Al Hasan40341
Pat Cummins40301
Andre Russell30321
Varun Chakravarthy40360

IPL 2021: KKR vs SRH Match Highlights

Match number three between the sunrisers hyderabad and the kolkata knight riders in the ipl 2021 was an exciting clash.

We had a few moments which stood out throughout the match and let us go through them one by one.

To start off with we cannot move ahead without talking about nitish rana’s 80 runs.

He came in as an opener a surprise over rahul tripati. But he made sure all those people who questioned that decision are shut up by his performance.

What a knock it was. It has been exceptional shots exceptional boundaries and a very steady rise of the man. He’s a long way to go in the tournament. The only thing to say is how far and how consistent he can be.

Second thing we have to talk about something about the kkr team itself. Shakib al hassan and harbhajan singh making their comeback.

Harbhajan played a a match after 399 days and making an impact in the first over itself.

Let’s us tell you about the second innings where jonny bairstow and manish pandey. The partnership that they created to give a solid start to the sunrises hyderabad after their opening pair had succumbed.

If the two hadn’t picked batted well. there would have been no hopes for hyderabad.

After jonny bairstow wicked though things went on to stumble down. then there was an unfortunate incident that took place when navi was on strike Prasidh krishna’s bouncer hit him on the back of the neck.

the physio came running in and this raised the questions on whether such injuries in such deliveries what is the future of them. well cricket is known to be a gentleman’s game. but these days such in incidences they take away that factor from cricket of being the gentleman’s game.

now let’s move on to the final point of KKR vs SRH match 2021.
Sunrisees Hyderabad’s middle order boards well. Manish pandey and jonny bairstow controlled the inning well. Top order couldn’t play the major part in the match.

But they both proved that there are some people in the order who need to take the responsibility.

But trust of the batsman could not play well we all know all these players are youngsters and they lack that experience. so probably some guidance from india’s vvs laxman or from the coaching side or from the other team the staff will help these players.

But you know they really need somebody in the middle order to convert those runs with kane williamson jason holder.

all of them sitting on the bench the question is if they do not play who will .

why have you bought them so they have a lot of options to choose from. just the right combination is the key

of successful team. well hopefully they work on all this and come back stronger in the second game of the IPL 2021.

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