IPL 2021 : BCCI played a master stroke against foreign players

Due to the T20 World Cup to be held in UAE, now the BCCI’s problems have become easier. BCCI’s troubles have now eased with the T20 World Cup on its way to the IPL, being in the rate-wise Twenty World Cup qualifiers.

Foreign players refused to be in rest of IPL 2021

In fact, due to the qualification round of the Twenty World Cup will be played in Omab , the way has been cleared for the IPL and foreign players will also be able to play the 2nd half comfortably.

ICC has decided to organize T20 World Cup for UAE. This decision has turned the master stroke for the BCCI board.

In fact, the World Cup qualifiers will be held in the oman, while the main world cup will be played in UAE.

In such a situation, 10 to 12 days before the BCCI can easily handle the 2nd half of IPL 2021 and pitches will be good enough for T20 world cup 2021

However, the BCCI and the ICC World Cup have not been announced schedule of t20 world cup 2021 officially.

Earlier there was a problem with the date of IPL and World Cup. The ICC needed the pitches 10 to 12 days earlier to make up for the prepare them for world cup 2021 matches.

now the bc I board has not given any opportunity to the ICC to complain. According to him, the 12 qualifier matches of the T20 World Cup will be held in Oman from October 17.

Then main league will start from the fourth week of October. So that there ICC has sufficient time to cover up losses of pitch that would happen due to IPL matches.

Now foreign players can also easily come to play on it, who were earlier refusing to play in this tournament.

Rest of the ipl 2021 can be held from September 19 to October 10 . While the T20 World Cup starts around October 25-26. ICC will get about 15 days to prepare.

After the finishing of IPL 2021 players refuse to play second half of the IPL due to the increasing case of coronavirus in India.

But now IPL 2021 will be finished in UAE and world cup 2021 will also be held in UAE.

So we can say that BCCI has played a a clever trick to let the foreign replace to play in ipl.

This is not the first time when IPL 2021 is happening in UAE.

IPL 2020 was played in UAE also. And in 2014 first off of the IPL was played in UAE as well.

So so we can definitely say that second half of the IPL will be successfully done and will be entertaining for the the all players and the IPL fans.

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