IPL 2021 Time Table schedule and venue list

Schedule IPL Time Table 2021 – Venue, Timings & Dates

you will get to know about IPL 2021. This year IPL will begin from 9th April friday.

First match of IPL 2021 will be on Chennai between last year champions Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

This match will be played on the World’s Largest Cricket Stadium – Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad on 30th May 2021.

In IPL 2021, total of 56 league matches will take place. Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata & Bengaluru will host 10 matches each. Ahmedabad, and Delhi will host 8 matches each.

IPL 2021 schedule and Stadium

DateTeamsTime in ISTCity
April 9, FridayMI vs RCB7:30 PMChennai
April 10, SaturdayCSK vs Dc7:30 PMMumbai
April 11, SundaySrh vs KKR7:30 PMChennai
April 12, MondayRR vs Punjab Kings7:30 PMMumbai
April 13, TuesdayKKR vs MI7:30 PMChennai
April 14, WednesdaySrh vs RCB7:30 PMChennai
April 15, ThursdayRR vs Dc7:30 PMMumbai
April 16, FridayPunjab Kings vs CSK7:30 PMMumbai
April 17, SaturdayMI vs Srh7:30 PMChennai
April 18, SundayRCBvs KKR3:30 PMChennai
April 18, SundayDc vs Punjab Kings7:30 PMMumbai
April 19, MondayCSK vs RR7:30 PMMumbai
April 20, TuesdayDc vs MI7:30 PMChennai
April 21, WednesdayPunjab Kings vs Srh3:30 PMChennai
April 21, WednesdayKKR vs CSK7:30 PMMumbai
April 22, ThursdayRCBvs RR7:30 PMMumbai
April 23, FridayPunjab Kings vs MI7:30 PMChennai
April 24, SaturdayRR vs KKR7:30 PMMumbai
April 25, SundayCSK vs RCB3:30 PMMumbai
April 25, SundaySrh vs Dc7:30 PMChennai
April 26, MondayPunjab Kings vs KKR7:30 PMAhmedabad
April 27, TuesdayDc vs RCB7:30 PMAhmedabad
April 28, WednesdayCSK vs Srh7:30 PMDelhi
April 29, ThursdayMI vs RR3:30 PMDelhi
April 29, ThursdayDc vs KKR7:30 PMAhmedabad
April 30, FridayPunjab Kings vs RCB7:30 PMAhmedabad
May 1, SaturdayMI vs CSK7:30 PMDelhi
May 2, SundayRR vs Srh3:30 PMDelhi
May 2, SundayPunjab Kings Vs Dc7:30 PMAhmedabad
May 3, MondayKKR vs RCB7:30 PMAhmedabad
May 4, TuesdaySrh vs MI7.30 PMDelhi
May 5, WednesdayRR vs CSK7.30 PMDelhi
May 6, ThursdayRCBvs Punjab Kings7.30 PMAhmedabad
May 7, FridaySrh v CSK7.30 PMDelhi
May 8, SaturdayKKR v Dc3.30 PMAhmedabad
May 8, SaturdayRR v MI7.30 PMDelhi
May 9, SundayCSK v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 9, SundayRCBv Srh7.30 PMKolkata
May 10, MondayMI v KKR7.30 PMBengaluru
May 11, TuesdayDc v RR7.30 PMKolkata
May 12, WednesdayCSK v KKR7.30 PMBengaluru
May 13, ThursdayMI v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 13, ThursdaySrh v RR7.30 PMKolkata
May 14, FridayRCBv Dc7.30 PMKolkata
May 15, SaturdayKKR v Punjab Kings7.30 PMBengaluru
May 16, SundayRR v RCB3.30 PMKolkata
May 16, SundayCSK v MI7.30 PMBengaluru
May 17, MondayDc v Srh7.30 PMKolkata
May 18, TuesdayKKR v RR3.30 PMBengaluru
May 19, WednesdaySrh v Punjab Kings3.30 PMBengaluru
May 20, ThursdayRCBv MI7.30 PMKolkata
May 21, FridayKKR v Srh3.30 PMBengaluru
May 21, FridayDc v CSK7.30 PMKolkata
May 22, SaturdayPunjab Kings v RR7.30 PMBengaluru
May 23, SundayMI v Dc3.30 PMKolkata
May 23, SundayRCBv CSK7.30 PMKolkata
May 25, TuesdayQUALIFIER 17.30 PMAhmedabad
May 26, WednesdayELIMINATOR7.30 PMAhmedabad
May 28, FridayQUALIFIER 27.30 PMAhmedabad
May 30, SundayFINAL7.30 PMAhmedabad

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